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We’re passionate about our work and intensely focused on performing at the highest levels.

To get there, we strive to out-think and out-work competitors and find the best balance of risk and return across all investment styles on behalf of our clients.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting an Investment Manager

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right asset manager; however, two of the most important relate to its track record and benchmark selection.

Investing Essentials

Planning your financial future can feel overwhelming for some, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management process is an integrated compilation of steps implemented consistently to create and manage a suitable portfolio of assets to achieve a client’s specified goals.

Fundamental & Technical Analysis

Short term price movements are determined by supply and demand, which are in turn affected by a lot more than what typically goes into fundamental analysis.

Financial Professional Courses

SGI's Finance courses cover the fundamentals of banking, accounting, finance management, bookkeeping, corporate finance, and financial analysis. Advanced topics include financial engineering, forensic accounting, and asset pricing.

Stocks & ETFs

Magnifies your Porfolio's growth, LONG-TERM!


Revolutionizing how we invest, bank, and use money.

CFD Trading

Research makes sensible, informed profitable trades.

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Choose from wide array of stock investment assets from startups to bluechips in most major stock exchanges in the World. Your access is limitless. 


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You have access to all your preferred types of investments in the US.

Learn as you grow.

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"All I can say is "Excellence" job and performance. I am very satisfied with the way SGI manages my portfolio. Highly recommended."

Timothy Affleck

Investor, UK

"I am glad that SGI has shown me the way to my finacial freedom, and to be honest, I am enjoying the profits and dividends I receive on a regular basis."

Robert Pattinson

CEO Founder

"I started small thru the investment trial program they offer, and when I became comfortable with the trading platform, I started to invest big, and it impacted my overall capital growth."

Amanda Seyfried