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Group Corporate Overview

At Safeguard Security Inc, our purpose is to work together to build better financial futures for our clients and we believe that investing, over the long-term, is critical to achieving that. As a family and management-owned company, we think generationally in terms of the services we build and provide, as well as the way in which we invest on our clients’ behalf. Our focus is on delivering sustainable investment returns for our clients, while managing our impact on society and the environment. To do this, we incorporate sustainability into our business operations and our investment process, working with investee companies to help them operate more sustainably in order to deliver those long-term returns and secure a better future for all. 

Von Levinson


Robert Murray

Senior Partner & VP

Amanda Torres

VP, Acquisition Group

Peter Mooney

Senior Partner, VP for Asia

Willam M. Koenig

Senior Partner, VP for Finance

Michael Armor

Senior Investment Manager

Jeffrey Anderson

Senior Investment Manager

Jonathan Cummings

Chief Investment Analyst

Denielle Morse

Head, Administration


Is Safeguard Securities regulated?

YES. Absolutely. Our fiduciary license dictates that we must conduct and operate under the bounds of the law, thus it is safe to invest with us.

How do I own a fraction of a share?

You may try our proprietary "SG Mutual Funds" investment instrument if you want to own a fracion of a share in a certain company.

What is the minimum deposit amound on Safeguard?

In many countries you can start investing with a minimum deposit of $500.

What is Safeguard’s Popular Investor program?

Our Popular Investors are a new breed of portfolio manager: traders with unique investment strategies who earn a second income by being followed and copied by other clients on the Safeguard's platform.

Do I own the stocks I buy?

When you buy stock, you own a small piece of that particular company.

Why do I need to add funds to open my position?

In order to open a new Buy or Sell position, it is necessary to have funds in your available balance.