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What is Portfolio Management?

Portfolio management’s meaning can be explained as the process of managing individuals’ investments so that they maximise their earnings within a given time horizon. Furthermore, such practices ensure that the capital invested by individuals is not exposed to too much market risk.

The entire process is based on the ability to make sound decisions. Typically, such a decision relates to – achieving a profitable investment mix, allocating assets as per risk and financial goals and diversifying resources to combat capital erosion.

Primarily, portfolio management serves as a SWOT analysis of different investment avenues with investors’ goals against their risk appetite. In turn, it helps to generate substantial earnings and protect such earnings against risks.

Fee Structure

Understanding how the incentives work will be a very good indicator of how your financial advisor will behave with your money. For example, a commission based advisor has an incentive to make recommendations based on a need to create volume rather than the merits of the underlying investment. By engaging in a fee-based arrangement, the advisor will be able to sit on the same side of the table as you because his paycheck only goes up when your account grows.

Investment advice

When an investment portfolio is being built for you, it is important to know who is making the calls. The person you are dealing with is likely a sales representative. It might be fairly obvious, but an important point not to overlook. If your financial advisor is offering proprietary products, or has the dual responsibility of client interfacing and direct money management, chances are you interests aren’t being closely watched. After all, a financial advisor will never fire himself for poor performance. We believe you are best served by working with an advisor that helps build a portfolio using third party investment managers that make a living making investment decisions.


Financial Planning

With the proliferation of financial planning software, it has become increasingly easier to offer financial planning services to clients. Ultimately, a financial plan is only as good as its execution. It might be important to assemble a team that includes a CFP, a CPA, an attorney, as well as the investment manager. Whether its financial planning, insurance or investment advice, make sure the firm/advisor has the expertise in all categories of engagements.

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